We are proud to tell you that we are now Green Key certified. This for our efforts on a sustainable level.
In recent years we have invested a lot in making Boutique hotel Shamon future-proof. This way future generations can continue to enjoy our beautiful monument!
But sustainability is aswell very important in day-to-day running of our hotel. Where possible, we try to reduce our ecological footprint.

We try to reduce our footprint in as many ways as possible: local partnerships and local products, waste reduction through reusable jars and water glasses,  feed left-overs to our chickens and making compost for our garden, energy reduction through smart thermostats and daily monitoring, …

About Green-Key

Green Key is an international label represented on five continents and in 60 countries, from Belgium to South Africa. There are more than 3600 awarded establishments.

Green Key is the first quality label that promotes sustainable travel, business meetings and leisure. Our Green Key establishments are committed to a more sustainable world. Anyone staying at a Green Key site is helping to make a difference on an environmental level, without compromising on comfort or affordability.